Monday, September 3, 2012

Hat Challenge--July/August 2012

Jan B issued the challenge for July/August 2012.  She challenged us to make a hat.  Jan gave us a list of possibilities--everything from a tam to a chef's hat, and she brought some great hat patterns to share.  Here's what we did:

First is Jan in her silver-ish denim hat, with a beautiful glitzy embellishment on the side.  Gorgeous!

Kathy made two hats.  This one is a baseball cap style, made from a print.  Perfect for cheering on your team!

This cloche style hat is made from a brown tweed (left over from a previous project), trimmed with brown leather.  She will be stylin' this winter!

Susan L. took a different route and made doll clothes.  Each outfit had a matching hat.  Lucky little girls who get these cute outfits.

Marge has a granddaughter who gets lots of home-made love from grandma.  She made the little girl a coat, hat and scarf from pink fleece.  Adorable!

Susan T. made a shawl that can also be worn on the head like a hood.  It's fabric on one side, and a fur type fabric on the other.  This will warm her up on a cold winter day, when the wind blows.  (Well, unless she's basking in the sun somewhere!)

Susan also started another hat.  Here it is in it's beginning stages.

Carol made two hats, totally different .  Here is a white fleece cap with blue snowflakes.  A cute hat that will keep her head and ears warm when the temps are evil.

Carol also crocheted this pretty hat, with a flower embellishment.

She also brought a hat that she made previously.  This show-stopper is made from a light sage green upholstery fabric.  The pattern is one she used in high school.  Is that considered Vintage yet?  Ha!  She made the brim wider than the pattern indicated and trimmed it with ribbon.  Beautiful.

Brenda W. made a cloche from dark charcoal gray and red wool.  This hat is very classy--very New York.

Kathryn put her hat box on the table--

--and out popped 3 stunning little Fascinators!  The photographs of them in her hair don't show up well, but in person, they are all beautiful.  Kathryn has some beautiful photos on her blog: The first one is mink.

Next, she rolled black felt into roses and attached them to a base.

Last of the trio is a Fascinator featuring feathers.

And here they are , all together.  Kathryn is ready for a party. The English have nothing on her!

Cynthia came into the room wearing one of the two bucket hats she made.  Both are terrific hats.  The first one is a teal/rust print.  Isn't she cute in it?

The next one is made from a blue print.

And last is Gwen's hat.  It's a big sun hat, made from black/white check, adorned with a black ribbon band and black flower.  The pattern is by HotPatterns and a free download at   I will get a photo of it on my head and post it.  But for now--

Everyone did a fantastic job on this challenge.  Hats off to all of you!


  1. What a fun challenge! It looks like you guys were having a lot of fun. That is a cute checked hat and I can't wait to see it on!

  2. Loved looking at these. Thanks for sharing.
    Brenda in the Boro UK

  3. Oh what a great challenge and what fun you ladies must have . Love all your hats and things.

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