Friday, July 4, 2014

May/June 2014 Challenge: Art Challenge Results

 This challenge was to create a sewing project that was influenced by a traditional discipline of art.


 Carol's pencil drawing of her neighbor's poppies

Color added

Pieced home-dec fabric

The finished poppies. They will be placed on a green background for a wall hanging.

Susan T.

Susan painted and stitched a floral embellishment for this straw purse.

She added some paint inside too!


Cynthia made these dimensional biscuits....

to embellish this jacket.


Marge loves nature. She used turkey feathers from her place up north in this landscape.


Kathy made some lovely flowers using Martha Stewart templates...

for her garden complete with dragonfly lights!


Jan was inspired by this article (Quilting Arts #64)...

to make this peachy peach.  She is planning a framed grouping.

Sue B.

Sue used this image as her inspiration

She rust dyed, then over dyed and stenciled this silk yardage. We can't wait to see what she makes with it!


Brenda started with an idea from the Pattern Magic book

She drafted an oval version of the pattern... 

and added embroidered shells in the middle

you can see the depth better here.

She did this too--its the same technique Jan used--and since she completed two projects:
Brenda gets the over-achiever of the month award!!!!


I was inspired by graffiti and architecture....

to create this fabric collage. More at my blog Room for Sewing.

This was a busy month. We deserve a break. See you in July at Sue B's.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May/June 2014 Art challenge

For this challenge I would like to see a project be heavily influenced by a traditional discipline of art. Be creative! Be wacky! Be out there!!!  Below are some ideas from the visual arts, but I welcome the notion to take this challenge even further into music, dance,  architecture or wherever.  Have fun!! 


Alexander Calder

Threads magazine 156

book available on amazon


Ray Johnson

Cover of: Koos couture collage by Linda Chang Teufel
Koos Van Den Akker
Rosemary Eichorn


Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp, 1951
Marcel Duchamp "Readymades"




Sharpie Stained markers


Drop Cloth fabric

Artemesia Gentileschi
Image detail for -hand painted dress
Hand painted dress



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

March/April 2014 Challenge: Sheers

Results of Brenda's sheer sewing challenge:


Brenda used McCalls 6467 and a pastel cotton for her blouse.

Detail of the sheer insertion


Cynthia made this elegant cowl neck top from a knit sheer fabric. 

Sue L.

From a distance this looks like it could be a large pair of panties or a slip,
 but its actually a bassinet cover made from the Mom's bridal gown.
What a sweet idea.


I made this top from silk chiffon using Simplicity 1690. I'm not crazy about it.
 I'm afraid I might get voted off the island over it!

Sue B.

Sue's skirt is Vogue 7090


The winner of this month's over achiever award!

Kathy did all of this sheer insertion on a regular (not embroidery) machine.

Kathy also made the scarf/necklace she's wearing. Neat idea.

Carol,  Jan and Marge are still working on theirs.


Marge's finished project for the March/April challenge:

Marge made an elegant shawl by needle felting fibers to
a silk home dec sample.