Monday, July 2, 2012

May 2012 Challenge

The challenge issued in May was to use a strip of fabric to embellish an article of choice.  The strip of fabric could be in the form of bias tape, fabric tubes, strip pieced fabric, or a strip of woven or knit fabric.  Anything was ok, as long as it began as a strip.

Everyone had a different idea of how to use a strip of fabric.  Very interesting concepts, and fabulous finished projects.

Jan made a beautiful sleeveless top, ivory and taupe, which was pieced with narrow strips.  She used narrow fabric tubes at the top, embellished with beads.  This was reminiscent of Ann Williamson's work. The top is lined in a cream color fabric.

Sue had three projects.  First up-a top she added a black lace inset to, taking the garment to the new trend in lace-wear.

Sue also bought three of the same Tshirt.  One remained as purchased.  She used another to cut up, using strips of the knit fabric as a ruffle to embellish the third Tshirt.

Her third article is a purse, embellished with fabric strips. Very cute!

Carol is working on a jacket.  She's using strips of fabric to making "faux" fabric bows.  This is a very time consuming technique. It's going to be fabulous when it's done.  Here's what she has so far.

Susan T also came in with three projects.  Here's a shirt she embellished with fabric strips on the collar.  Notice she used the same fabric to make a decoration around the buttonhole.

Susan T took a plain, stripe vest and turned it into an art garment.  She sewed patches on the face of the vest, and then appliqued fabric tubes on top.  It's all nicely color coordinated.

She also made a pair of pants into Tuxedo pants by inserting a fabric strip down the side legs.  Sorry Susan, I didn't get a photo of those pants on you.

Kathy had started a sweatshirt jacket.  She incorporated a few fabric strip techniques in this terrific piece:  appliqued fabric tubes, tubes coiled into circles, tubes tied with beads.  There's a lot of work in this jacket and it shows.

Kathryn is piecing a beautiful fabric to make into a skirt.  This is going to be stunning.

Brenda made a gorgeous pillow out of fabric strips.  She used silk decorator fabrics, cut into strips, folded in half width-wise and sewn to a base fabric, each strip overlapping the previous strip.  Her colors have a gradated appearance.  Her use of color is amazing.

With the left over fabric, she's making a handbag.  This is the beginning.

Marge is making a pretty fabric, using organza bias strips to embellish.  She has tons of strips and it's going to be interesting to see how the fabric turns out.

And, she finished the last challenge--making a handbag out of suits.  It's a loosely woven fabric, and she make fringed trim that reminds me of Chanel.

Susan L made a strap for her handbag out of strips which she hand painted designs to match the prints in the bag.  She left before I could get a photo.  Susan, send me a photo and I'll get it up on the blog.

Last, there is me--Gwen.  I made a white jacket, using a technique in Threads #158.  Kenneth King had an article in that issue called "bias tube inserts".  It was a challenging piece to do, but so much fun.  I've written a detailed post on my blog:

Nice work, ladies.   It was very interesting to see how each of you interpreted the challenge.

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  1. You've been too quiet about this amazing blog! I've only skimmed, but I'll be back to admire in detail every. single. post. here! :) Gorgeous and inspiring creativity :)