Friday, August 29, 2014

July/August 2014: Pockets Challenge Results

The challenge this time was to make a type of pocket you have never made before on any garment or purse. Jan was the issuer of this challenge so we'll start with her:


Jan used  Mary Tilton's Vogue 9035 pattern.

As you would expect from a Marcy Tilton pattern,  it has very interesting details.

Sue T.

 Once again, were are amazed Susan's productivity. She finished 3 projects:

A hanging bedside pouch.

Hanging shoe storage.

And these beautiful embroidered exterior hanging pockets
 she added to a RTW sweater.

Sue B.

Sue sewed a pocket with a circular opening.

Big Surprise! It's teal!!!

Hem detail.


Marge made pillowcases for her granddaughters with secret pockets on the inside
perfect for little girl's lost teeth or other treasures.


Cynthia's cute summer jacket.

It's actually two pockets: the patch pocket is open from the top and the welt from the front.

Brenda, Kathy and Sue L. couldn't make it to the meeting
and Carol and Katherine didn't make anything. Yet.

See you all in September at Nino's. Remember, this is not a regular meeting due to the Expo.

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