Friday, July 31, 2015

June/July 2015: Koos Infinity Scarf Challenge

This was the challenge from Sue. B:

"The article which inspired me is in Threads Magazine , January 2012, number 158, pages 70-74. 
This is the challenge:
You are to create a the Koos Loop infinity scarf following the printed directions.
You are to use a base fabric and at least two more different  fashion fabric strips which are to be edged or finished in some fashion.  From here on, the trims and extra fabrics are up to you to use or not. 
The finished scarf is for you and should be made to co-ordinate with something in your wardrobe: a coat, dress, jacket, sweater, blouse etc. This makes your fabric choices very important. Please bring a photo, or the garment to model  and explain your methods  at the next meeting.
You may alter the dimensions of the scarf to suit your finished look.
It is up to you to make this rather simple ( maybe not, I have not tried it yet)) accessory a challenge to your skills by the use of fabric, fabric manipulation, finishing techniques,or another method which is unfamiliar to you!!!!!"

Here are the results:



Sue T.


And The Winner:

Sue B.

Some of the spiral seams are still being stitched and will be added later. 

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