Monday, April 2, 2012

Katherine's Designer III Projects

Can it be that this group's really been around since 2008? I was there at the beginning, almost: I joined at the second meeting but participated in the first challenge. Its been a lot of fun. I've enjoyed the challenge. I've made some nice things and some stinkers. I've meet some great ladies and there's been some stinkers there too. Kidding!!

I pretty sure these are all the projects I finished and still have, but I might have missed a couple. Plus, there's the one I gave to Cynthia.

In no particular order:

Ann's Button Challenge: I made these buttons from plastic drapery rings and ribbon. I don't know why I still have the jacket. I never wear it because it requires constant rearrangement. And its short and ugly. This was a Marci Tilton Vogue pattern & the fabric came from Field's. 

Sue's Heirloom Sewing Challenge: I taped a toothpich to the throatplate of my machine then used a twin needle to make pintucks on this blouse. My TNT blouse Simplicity 2501, I bought the fabric at the expo.
Fabric from Sewing Expo.
Sue's Pleating Challenge: I used my ancient Singer Ruffler attachment to create pleats for the sleeves of this linen jacket. I wear this a lot. Looks like a lab coat for a Doctor of Sewology. Burda 7638, fabric JoAnn's, seashell buttons.

Katherine's RTW Inspiration Challenge: I modeled this jacket after something I saw in a magazine. It's made out of linen curtains I thrifted. One of my very favorites.

Dolly's Sweater Coat Challenge: I copied a RTW sweater. Boiled wool jersey from Haberman's.
Marge's Bag O' Nature Challenge: This was a ankle length cape I thrifted. I shortened it, felted the pieces, cut out and embroidered the leaves and added leather buttons. My daughter and I both wear this and always get compliments.
Jan's Huck Weaving and Sue's Felting Challenges: I did a two for one on this one. First I crocheted a Tunisian crochet swatch in black wool, then wove pastel wool through the floats in the crochet, then felted the swatch. Two birds with one stone.
Sue's Holiday Attire Challenge: TNT Simplicity 2501. Dupioni from Vogue.

Brenda's Silk Challenge: Side panels are from Brenda, animal prints from Haberman's. Vogue 8088.
Casmira's Sleepwear from Stash Challenge: I made this nightgown for my daughter and another one for me out of bedsheets I thrifted. Mine is worn out.
and finally:
Susan's Psychoanalysis and Quilting Personality Disorder Challenge: you had to be there!

Kathy's Suit to Bag Challenge: I'm already sewing it in my mind...

I'm glad we finally worked it out so I can post here. In the meantime, I started my own blog. Thanks for the push!! Stop over:


  1. I'm glad to see the challenges this group has done. Hope we have many more! Oh, and great that you started your own blog. It's a great way to catalog your projects.

  2. Great history lesson - thanks for the look back. How about my purse collage (yours was black) and my flower challenge, the linen challenge from Claudia, and the men's ties? And your ethnic challenge? Nice job on your photos - did you use a tripod?

    1. I knew I must have missed some. I do have the purse still--I keep my mother's meds in it!!I can't even remember some of the challenges. Maybe I need meds? Some things I just didn't keep. Cynthia's got the vest.

      Yes, I used a tripod and a timer. It does take a few tries to get a pic you like.

  3. What a great post! So glad that I'm a member of this group and surrounded by such talent!