Friday, February 24, 2012

Results of the Sweater/Coat Challenge

     Our Challenge for this month was to create a garment in the style of KatWise.  Two members decided to create for their granddaughters.  See the post from February 1st for the one Susan completed last month.  And here is the one Marge brought yesterday.  

     She shaped the bottom edge into semi-circles and needle felted other circles onto the waist and back of the skirt.

    She kept the full length of the zipper from the striped sweater (the bodice) and incorporated it into the skirt as well.

 Two other members made coats for themselves using serged seams on the outside of the garment and having the tie at the waist (as done by KatWise).
  Brenda's version has a wide, face-framing hood and a button band pieced from a different sweater.   And she added POCKETS! in the seams between panels of the skirt.

Here is her coat being modeled by a friend.


     Sue used a sweater for the bodice with embroidery and then used sweaters with Fair Isle patterns and similar colors to complement the stitching on the top. 

Check out her fancy trim at the wrists!

    Sherry's coat appears similar in style, but she planned her seams so it is reversible.  She made belt loops from the trimmed seams from the sweaters and then made a narrow belt that could be used on either side.

    The pink and purple colors were a bit more vibrant in person -  very flattering color scheme!

    Carol decided to try for "artsy" instead of "hippie" (as her husband called it).  She kept all her serging on the inside and steamed the seams to make them flatter.  The front closure has snaps and yes! it is supposed to be off-center.  The collar came from the yoke of a Fair Isle sweater which felted well enough to hold together even when cut.  She is planning to add a solid color strip to finish the bottom of the skirt.  

     Kathy brought her bodice and skirt to the meeting as separate pieces.  She was having some fitting issues and of course we all had plenty of suggestions.  Hopefully they were helpful and we'll see her finished coat soon.

      Katherine chose to interpret the challenge in a different way.  She started with a favorite ready-to-wear coat and created a pattern from it.  Here is how the trial turned out using fabric from CCC's famous "free table".


      Her plan to use an off-white sweater in her final garment failed when the alpaca refused to felt.  So she used a lovely piece from Haberman's to create this.  (Katherine please add to this post with the fabric description).
Take notice of the antique button - Katherine has a great stash of vintage embellishments.

    So now you see how many great items were brought to Thursday's meeting.  The were a few items that were not challenge-related (our "sew-and-tell"), but this post has been long enough.  Other members are now officially allowed to post, so get to it ladies.  The necklaces from repurposed unmentionables,  the quilt blocks, the beaded bag - they were beautiful.  Let's see them soon.


  1. I'm in Texas checking our blog. What great results!!

    I hope that you'll be able to bring back the sweater/coats to our next meeting. They really look wonderful and I would love to see them.